Limited 3 Year Warranty


2023-09-25 23:00

1.The manufacturer extends only to the original consumer purchaser a limited warranty againgst defects in material and workmanship for a period 3 years from the date of purchase .This warranty covers the pump, controller.

2.The manufacturer or authorized factory representative will repair , or at its option replace ant defective part or parts of the product free of charge. In the event of a malfunction the purchaser must return the product to an authorized dealer /agent at their expense .The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the product and the manufacturer or it dealers disclaim all liability for indirect and or consequential damages such as any installation charges.

3.The warranty does not apply when the equipment has not been installed as per the instructions or damage has occurred through abuse ,carelessness,imrpoper installation,accident of mishandling during shippment,connecting to an improper voltage or it has been serviced by antone other than an authorized factory representative.

4.A purchase receipt or invoice for proof of purchase must be presented to claim warranty.

5.All repairs not covered by warranty or outside the warranty period will be charged at normal rates.