What's the submesible pumps' advantages


2023-09-25 23:00

Submersible pumps enjoy the honor with high versatility and reliablity.If we want to understand what's the submersible pumps,we should know how the pumps work.

There are several blackwards curved type impellers connecting with a shaft which is driven by indcution motor.At first ,the water flows through the eyes of these impellers ,and then due to the centrifugal action the water is thrown out radially,at the same time water has gained both kinetic and pressure energy.And trough the device called diffuser the water is thrown efficiently to next impeller. With water goes through these impellers ,the energy  has been strengthen too.That is the reason submersible pumps produce the huge pressure head,and then the water passes through an inbuilt non slam check valve of the submersible pump.


Next let's forcous how submersible pumps move.When the indcution moto which drives the impeller move gain the power,the sator will produce lots of heat, due to the reason,the motor has to be suround with water or oil in case high temperatrue damage the motor.The entire motor and impeller is immersed in the fluid during worktime  ,which means it is just as conventional centifugal pumps that  priming is not needed . At the same time submersible pumps can avoid the major issue of normal pumps, the issue of cavitation.One of the main reasons for cavitation is the low pressure on the suction side. But when submersibloe pumps work,the water is pushed instead of pulled,which reduces the chance of a negative pressure head in the system.And thus the issur of cavitation does not happen.