How to Select Proper Rison Solar Pumping kits ?


2023-09-25 23:01

1st Step : Decide Your Head Requirement
When you plan to install Rison solar water pumping system, there are essentially 2 key parameters needed for selecting the solar pump, Head and Flow Rate.
Regarding to deciding your head requirement, per the system diagram below, taking steps estimating distances on,
H1: Distance from ground to water storage tank
H2: Distance from ground to bore water level
H3: Pump Submerge distance
H4: Horizontal distance from Bore to Water Tank
* Total Vertical Lift = H1+H2+H3
How to Select Proper Rison Solar Pumping kits ?
2nd Step: Decide Your Flow Rate Requirements
According to your daily needs on water and the daylight hours locally, estimate the flow rate requirements per hour.
3rd Step: Other Requirements on Pumps
Besides two key parameters above for selecting the pump model, RISON also offers options on pump diameters, outlet sizes, materials, customized orders, etc...
Welcome to Contact Rison team and discussing all your requirements, We will work out a complete solution meeting your needs in 100%.